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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mince Mutton with Green Peas

Mince Mutton and Green Peas.

1\2kg of minced mutton
1\4kg of green Green Peas
3 Onions chopped fine
2 Tomatoes chopped fine
4 pods of Garlic minced
1 inch of Garlic chopped fine
2tbs of red Chilliy powder. Preferably Kashmiri Chilly
1tbs coriander powder
1tsp Turmeric powder
2tsp garam masala powder. Made of cinnamon,cardamom and cloves.
1tsp jeera ( cumin seed)
2tsp whole black pepper
4tbs of oil
Salt to taste
1\2 cup of water if necessary
Clean and wash the Mutton mince. You can use frozen peas too.

Heat the oil in a thick bottomed Pan. once the oil is hot add the jeera, and pepper let it splutter. Now add the Onions and fry it till it is slightly brown. Add the tomatoes to this mixture and fry this mixture some more. Add all the powders to this mixture. and fry some more.
Once the mixture leaves the side of the pan add the mutton and fry it well on high flame. Add half cup of water if the mix is too dry. Add salt and stir well. Cover and cook for 1\2 and hour on slow flame.
Remove the lid then add the peas. Cover and cook for 5 more minutes.

Curry is ready to be served.
Enjoy it with roti, parathas or rice.
If felt you can garnish it with green coriander leaves slit green chillies and thin slices of ginger.