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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

AAPPAM Rice fritters from Kerala

First method
2 cups rice,
1\2,Grated Coconut
2tsp sugar
Optional Coconut water
Grind all the ingredients fine with little water to a pouring consistency.
Keep it in fridge after 2 hours.
Remove it from the fridge just an hour before making.
Aappam is made in a special skillet which is a bit deep in the center.
Or you can make it like dosa\ omelet on a flat skillet.
Spread the batter evenly cook on a high flame covered.
Takes upto 2-3 minutes to cook
Enjoy it with Stew!!!
Or with plain sweetened milk!!!

Second Method
Grind together : 2 cups of rice, 2tsp sugar,2tbs cooked rice, 2tbs of grated coconut,coconut water of one coconut (optional),1tsp of yeast.
Grind all the ingredients together.
Refrigerate it immediately.
Remove it an hour before making.
Use a Thick skillet or a Aappam chatti to make it.
Enjoy with stew!!!