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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vishu Sadya Ishtu

Ishtu ( Kerala Version of Stew)

250gms - Potatoes
150gms - Onions
4 - Green chillies.
2 tbs - Coconut oil or Butter
Big piece of Ginger
Curry leaves according to need ( How much you like it)
One tin of coconut Milk
Salt to taste.
Cut the potatoes and onion into medium size pieces. Cook them with ; chillies, ginger cut into thin slices and curry leaves. Add half the coconut milk, 1 cup of water and salt. Let it all cook well. Now add the rest of the coconut milk bring it to a good boil, pour the oil or butter as you like and the curry leaves.Switch the heat off, and serve the dish hot.
Instead of coocnut milk from the tin you can make your own coconut milk. For this recipe you will require the milk of one coconut. Scrape the coconut. Squeeze the grated coconut with your hand to remove as much milk as possible. Then add some hot water and remove some more milk. You could do it one more time for a third extraction of milk. Cook the vegetables in the first and second milk which would be thin. Add the first milk just before you pour the oil and put in the curry leaves and mix well, do not boil the dish after the first milk is added, it may curdle.
Enjoy this too!!!

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