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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vishu Sadya White (Paal )Payasam


1 litre milk
One Hadful of Basmati rice, lightly fried in 1tbs of ghee
1\2 cup of sugar.
3-4 Cardmom coarsely pounded.
Few Strands of Saffron optional
Some Cashew Nut and raisin fried in 1 tbs of ghee. The quantity should be what you like.
Bring the milk to boil. Add the fried rice to Milk.Put the milk on simmer cook the rice in the milk constantly stirring it. When the Rice is cooked add the sugar and be careful to see that the milk doesnt boil.Or else the milk might split. Once the sugar has dissolved completely add the cardmom and the fried nuts.You can have this sweet hot or cold.
Enjoy it!!!
You can make it vermecelli too. 50 gms of vrmecelli.
You can make the Dish with Condensed milk too.You will be rid of much of the stirring.

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