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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vishu Sadya Pachaadi

PACHADI( Kerala Salad)

2 Medium sized Cucumber. Cut into small pieces

100gms Fresh Scraped Coconut

2tbs Mustard Seed

100gms Curd

2 Green Chillies

Few Sprigs of Curry leaves

1tsp Mustard Seed

1tbs Coconut oil. Or any oil of your preference

Grind the Scraped Coconut, Green Chillies,few Curry Leave and the Mustard Seed to a coarse paste. Mix the ground paste well with the Cucmber and Curd. Heat the oil and splutter the Mustard seeds and add the curry leaves to the hot oil. Garnish the Mixture with this, stir well and Pachadi is ready

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